DePauw Wins Campus Conservation Contest

What’s one way to teach people the value of energy conservation and efficiency? Get them while they are in college, which is exactly what the recently completed Campus Conservation Nationals did, pitting 40 participating colleges and universities against one another in a nationwide contest to determine who could achieve the greatest energy reductions in their residence halls.

The competition, sponsored by Alliance to Save Energy Green Campus Program, Lucid Design Group and National Wildlife Federation, saw the schools collective reduce electricity consumption by 508,694 kilowatt-hours to save $50,209 and avoid putting 816,394 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. With a 25.8 percent reduction in electricity use, DePauw University was the overall winner, while University of Cincinnati’s Stratford Heights 8 ranked as the building with the greatest percent reduction and Cannon Hall of Appalachian State University came in as the building with the greatest total reduction.

Campus Conservation Nationals

image via Alliance to Save Energy

DePauw, as the overall winner, will receive Building Dashboard software for two buildings from Lucid Design Group. The software is said to enable students to view, compare and share building resource use data, track electricity budgets, host real-time competitions and communicate sustainability efforts to the campus community.

“Students can be hugely effective sustainability advocates on their campuses and in their communities,” said Jo Tiffany, senior director of education for the Alliance’s Green Campus Program. “By doing simple things to make energy use more visible, such as emailing residents their weekly energy use, putting up posters with energy and water savings tips and rewarding building users who achieve the most energy savings, students can combat the ‘hotel mentality’ often held by dorm residents who do not pay directly for the energy they consume.”

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