Congress Gets Energy Efficient Lighting

Regardless of who emerges victorious from the various election races around the country today for Congress, one thing will be clear to those who next set foot in the Main House of Representatives Chamber: they will be standing under energy efficient LED lighting provided by Nila, a developer of LED lighting systems for commercial use.

Nila recently pointed out the House upgraded the 35-year old TV lights in the Main House Chamber with the company’s Boxer LED lights. These lights are said to offer high output, even from long distances, while providing a 75 percent reduction in energy use directly associated with lighting. These lights are said to be produced domestically, are RoHS compliant (no toxic heavy metals), exceed Energy-Star standards and can be returned to Nila for repurposing and/or recycling.

Nila Congress

image via Nila

The replacement lights were required to maintain the light output levels of the old system at a distance of over 75 feet from the light fixture to speakers on the House floor, according to Nila. The new system, which can be controlled directly from the House Recording Studio for improved performance, also reportedly dropped energy consumption in the Main House Chamber from 24,000 watts to 6000 watts.

These Nila lights are also said to be much cooler temperature wise then the previous ones, meaning that “the energy savings from cooling is greater than the savings from the lighting, since replacing hot tungsten lights with Nila LED lights meant an 80% reduction in air conditioning load associated with those lights.”

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