Chevy Investing $40M In Clean Energy

While the Chevy Volt is making the headlines as an American-made clean energy car, Chevrolet has announced that it will be going further in its green efforts, investing $40 million in various clean energy projects throughout the country with the goal of eliminating 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

According to a recent release, over the next three to five years, Chevrolet will be providing energy efficient technology such as smart energy sensors and solar panels to schools and other community-based facilities in need of upgrades to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and reduce heating bills; supporting wind farms and solar projects that deliver renewable energy to the grid (with a focus on those that also help family farms increase revenues); supporting the capture of flammable methane from community landfills that deliver clean energy to the grid (biogas); and contributing to forestry projects throughout America.

Wind Farm

image via Chevrolet

Is there a particular significance behind Chevrolet’s goal to eliminate 8 million metric tons of carbon? Why yes, there is: it’s the equivalent of the amount of carbon emissions produced in 2011 from the 1.9 million vehicles Chevrolet is expected to sell in the United States over the next year.

More information on Chevrolet’s clean energy investment initiatives is available online, as is GM’s BeyondNow blog.

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