California E-Waste Recycling Made Easy

They’re convenient and free, and if you live in the state of California, chances are good that there’s one near you. That’s the word from Ecollective, a program that would like to let residents of the Golden State know that when there’s e-waste to be recycled, there’s an drop-off collection location within ten miles for 70% of the population.

A mere month after launching this network of e-waste drop-off locations,  “eight million households can load up the family vehicle with obsolete and unwanted TVs, monitors, computer equipment, office equipment, cell phones or other electronics, drive no more than 10 miles, and recycle it”–all with the assurance that personal info will be erased and all items will be safely recycled and processed here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. (As opposed to many other e-waste recycling services, which ship items to China.)

Ecollective e-waste drop-off locations

image via Ecollective

To access the network, Californians can simply visit the Ecollective site, enter their zip code and find the closest Ecollective location. Ecollective representatives will be on hand to help unload the car, if necessary, and also to request identification in some cases (such as name, address and phone number), for state reporting and regulatory purposes.”If it plugs into the wall and you use it to communicate, gather information, store data, or enjoy media and entertainment, it’s probably part of our program,” saidJ im Taggart, president of ECS Refining, the company behind the Ecollective program.

ECS Refining is a recycling and “end-of-life services company” specializing in electronics, industrial equipment and hazardous wastes.

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