Yves Behar Talks GE WattStation Design

Those looking to own an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid will obviously need access to battery chargers at home, work and other places around the neighborhood. These chargers will come from a variety of companies, GE included. This particular company, however, is looking to make a bit of a fashion statement with its WattStation chargers by making them look stylish via design cues from noted industrial designer Yves Behar.

Behar and his team at fuseproject have designed many a stylish product, be it Bluetooth headsets, special laptops for children in developing nations, sustainable underwear or consumer electronics. The philosophy behind Behar’s designs is to “create brand-building innovations by developing conceptual narratives and messages that are communicated through a product’s experience and a complete brand experience.” To find out exactly how this translates into electric car chargers, we recently interviewed Behar over email for his thoughts on green-focused design and the WattStations in particular.

GE WattStation

image via GE

EarthTechling (ET): What’s behind good design in your opinion, specially green-focused design?

Yves Behar: If you treat your customers well, from a functional, health, environmental and emotional standpoint, you are probably creating good design in my opinion.  So the key is: Design your brand around the experience you want to provide, and then execute great designs around every part of that experience.

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