When Golden Arches Try To Go Uber Green

In keeping with the theme of national brand chains trying to green some of their locations, that golden arches, greasy fries fast food empire McDonald’s recently announced that a rebuilt location in California had gone the green way and was, in fact, the first in the very large operation to apply to be LEED Gold certified west of the Mississippi.

This particular McDonald’s in question, located in Riverside, California, is owned and operated by Tom and Candace Spiel and has stood as a McDonald’s restaurant for 44 years. Green features on site include a light colored hardscape to reduce heat emissions; native drought tolerant plants to reduce water consumption by landscape; low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage; 294 photovoltaic panels to generate a percentage of the restaurant’s power consumption; and recycled denim insulation inside the building.

McDonalds Green

image via McDonalds

McDonalds said as well this particular location hosts “an interactive touch screen display for visitors to learn about the building, environmental sustainability, and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.” Other LEED locations exist within the chain, including in Cary, N.C., Savannah, Ga. and Chicago.

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