Volvo Dreams Of Green Cars In Paris

Volvo has been playing around with its C30 electric vehicle since January of this year. The auto maker, at the Paris Auto Show like so many others, has now firmed up plans for a release date of this car. Also announced by it were plans for the addition of a plug-in hybrid to its line up.

In regards to the plug-in hybrid, Volvo said it will begin introducing one as early as 2012 in Europe. It is believed such a vehicle will cover the daily transport needs for around 75 percent of European drivers. The plug-in hybrid will be able to be driven up to 50 kilometers on pure electric power and when running on the battery, emissions from the exhaust pipe will be non-existent. For longer distances, a diesel hybrid engine automatically takes over, providing for a combined range of about 1,200 kilometers. The battery will take about five hours to be recharged at home via a regular wall socket.

Volvo Plug-in Hybrid

image via Volvo

With regards to the C30 DRIVe Electric, as it is currently being called, Volvo announced this electric car will go into production starting in 2011. It will run in test fleets in Europe, China and the United States. Recent information from Volvo suggests this vehicle has a top speed of about 130 kilometres per hour and accelerates from zero to one hundred in 10.5 seconds. The range is up to 150 km on a single battery charge.

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