Toyota Teases With Prius SUV-like Image

The Toyota Prius has a lot riding for it these days. 10 years of going strong as America’s favorite hybrid. Worldwide sales topping over 2 million. Rumors that more Prius models are on the way, including a plug-in hybrid design. Well, not exactly rumors anymore, if the photo below is to be believed.

The Prius photo, as shown below, appeared on the Toyota Prius Facebook page this evening as “a sneak peek at an upcoming addition to the Prius family of products!” This picture, which shows something in the background of a current Prius that looks a little more like a crossover utility or perhaps a Prius SUV, clearly supports a report from the Wall Street Journal earlier this week in which Toyota officials told “people briefed by the company” that one of the two new Prius hybrids out by the end of 2012 would be “a roomy, sport-utility-type vehicle.” This picture clearly seems to showcase that to be the case.

Prius New

image via Toyota

This could, of course, also be the Tesla-Toyota electric RAV4 we’ve been hearing about, but that’s unlikely. It will be interesting to see what shape and features this new Prius SUV like vehicle turns out to be in the weeks and months ahead.

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