San Francisco Green Festival Has Gizmos

November 6 and 7 of this year looks to be a big deal for lovers of all things green if you happen to be in San Francisco, California. Those are the two days the Green Festival, one of the nation’s largest consumer focused green events, is being put on by Green America and Global Exchange. These two large organizations produce this festival, which goes on yearly in several locations around the country, and are billing it as a “walk through a sustainable community.”

EarthTechling is a media partner for the previously mentioned San Francisco location of this year’s Green Festival, which is taking place at the San Francisco Concourse Center. There will be a nice range of speakers presenting at this event, including founder Bill Mckibben. A wide array of hands-on green learning experiences will be taking place, and a large exhibits area will be where one can learn about a good number of businesses and organizations involved in making the world a greener place to live.

Being as how we are a green technology focused news website, we decided to take a short look at five companies scheduled to appear at the San Francisco event in November to see what cool green gadgets or tech they might be showcasing or talking about. These five companies are some we are familiar with already from previous coverage, so it is nice to see they will be on hand to showcase their green tech solutions to a curious public.

GBE Electric Folding Bikes

GBE Bikes

image via GBE

As the name implies, this company makes electric folding bikes. They have a variety of types to choose from, all focused upon providing a clean transportation option for getting around town, particularly if you live in an urban setting. The electric motor sizes range from 180 watts to 350+, depending upon the bike size and function. Lithium ion batteries power these electric motors, offering a range of what looks to be up to 20 miles per charge. A control unit on the handle bar gives the rider throttle control similar to that on a motorcycle, and the fact these e-bikes can be folded so nicely makes them an easy fit in a small living space.

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