Peugeot HR1 Hybrid Concept A French CUV

French automaker Peugeot is showing off at the Paris Auto Show the HR1 concept urban car, best described as blending together a number of genres (city run-around, coupe and SUV). It is a hybrid style green car, making use of Peugeot’s Hybrid4 technology.

The Peugeot HR1, according a Peugeot press release over at Autoblog Green, sports a new three cylinder THP 100 petrol engine linked to a 37 bhp electric motor that in combination has a maximum potential power output of 147 bhp, with a combined fuel consumption of 81 mpg (European standards) and CO2 emissions of just 80 g/km. The company says of this combination that “with an internal combustion engine at the front and an electric motor at the rear it can be driven as often as possible in ‘zero emissions’ mode in town at low speed, or with both ‘engines’ together, providing four-wheel drive capability where challenging surfaces warrant it.”

Peugeot HR1

image via Peugeot

The Peugeot HR1 expands upon the SR1 green car concept design in the area of design particularly. It “shares the same expressive headlamps with their finely chiseled design and the single ‘floating’ front grille which seems to be detached from the rest of the body, as the SR1.” The driver and passenger each have their own comfy zones within the vehicle, “separated by a center console which adds to the futuristic design and helps increase light levels due to the use of electroluminescent diodes.” The driver’s side includes ergonomically placed controls, a small steering wheel, and a “Head-Up” display allowing information to be seen without the driver taking their eyes off the road.

As for the front passenger, he or she can make use of a mobile PC tablet which allows data to be shared and exchanged with the driver’s display.

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