New Volt Tour To Put Public Behind Wheel

In July — just in time for the Fourth, actually — GM sent its Volt out on a 1,776-mile drive, showing the car off at parades and fairs on a route from Austin to New York City. Now the company is planning another tour for the electric car, a 3,400-mile sashay from Seattle to Chicago via San Diego, Houston, Orlando and Washington, DC, among other cities, set to begin October 9.

The twist with the second tour, GM said in a press release, is that this time consumers will have an opportunity to drive the Volt. On the July tour, it was strictly GM employees behind the wheel.

image via GM

“The Volt Unplugged tour will give people a chance to get behind the wheel of the Volt and find out for themselves what makes this vehicle so special,” Tony DiSalle, Volt product and marketing director, said in the release. “This drive will demonstrate the one-of-a-kind capabilities of the Volt, the only electric vehicle able to drive such long distances under a variety of driving conditions and climates without having to stop to recharge.”

How exactly might Joe or Jill Q. Driver gain a spot in one the six Volts making the 12-city, six-week drive? According to GM, “Fans can follow the Volt’s journey and register for test-drive opportunities on the ‘Unplugged’ tab located at, the Volt’s official social network or on the Chevrolet Volt Facebook page.”

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