iPhone 4 Case Once Your Coke Bottle

If you purchased your iPhone 4 after September 30, you need to know that Apple’s free-case program has gone bye-bye. Stepping into the breach, Agent 18 is offering something a little more elaborate than Apple was — a $40 case that claims to protect your device, and perhaps leave you with the warm feeling of being a little greener than the next guy.

The case is called the EcoShield+. The “Eco” in the name comes from the fact that there’s “at least one recycled plastic bottle in each case,” Agent18 said in a press release. If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, maybe the features will.

image via Agent18

The EcoShield+ comes with a stand that rotates out to allow you to set it up for viewing. There’s also a sliding headphone door, and Agent18 says that the case is designed to amplify the iPhone’s speakers, not dampen the sound. The case is available only in black now, but the Agent18 website promises a white version is coming soon.

Of course, these aren’t the first cases to play the green card. Trtl Bot recently announced the Kickstand 4 and Minimalist 4, made from recycled materials; in August, the company bioserie unveiled products made from “annually renewable plant material”; and before that an Oregon company showed off handcrafted cases made from bamboo.

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