Geothermal Growth Spurs Training Classes

Are you looking for an exciting new career in the fast-growing field of geothermal energy systems? That’s a pretty corny come on, and you probably won’t see it popping up on the tube soon. But in an indication that geothermal systems are gaining in popularity, the big green-job training provider CleanEdison has announced new courses for accreditation as a geothermal installer or driller.

Geothermal hasn’t made the inroads that solar or wind have in the public consciousness, perhaps because it conjures images of remote, steam-spewing geyser fields. But its applications for heating and cooling systems are actually wide, as recent high-profile projects at an IKEA store in Colorado and a Cape Cod home have demonstrated. As the CleanEdison press release points out, “Geothermal energy, while less flashy than wind or solar, is a reliable source of energy regardless of weather or season.”

image via IGSHPA


CleanEdison said the Accredited Geothermal Installer Certification Course “is set up to accommodate students of all experience levels,” and “consists of three comprehensive training days focused on the installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems, followed by an open book exam.”

The Accredited Driller Workshop is more narrowly focused, allowing drilling contractors to gain International Ground Source Heat Pump Association accreditation for “construction and completion methods for vertical GeoExchange boreholes” without having to take the full installer course.

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Pete Danko is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. His work has appeared in Breaking Energy, National Geographic's Energy Blog, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere.


  • Reply October 20, 2010


    I read their press release as well. I agree, silent and hidden is a big plus for the geothermal route. Being able to install geothermal systems would be a great way to find a job in this economy. the green job market is the way to go!

  • Reply October 20, 2010

    Jeff H

    The ‘International’ Ground Source Association is a front for poor training and a cash grab by a university academic who doens’t know what he’s doing. International in Oklahoma?? Says who.

    Beware of all these accreditations, they’re meaningless short training courses – hire a licenced plumber or an HVAC technician, as that requires really indepth training, apprenticeship, and knowledge.


  • Reply December 26, 2010


    Geothermal systems are the future, plain and simple its a market that just going to keep growing, definately careers of the future

  • Reply January 13, 2011

    Sarah Brown

    Geothermal Systems have a promising future! They are durable, efficient and they help our environment. This great new technology is just wonderful, what a great investment! Geothermal HVAC!!

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