GE Home EV Charger Anything But Boring

GE, which earlier this year illicited a few oohs and ahhs when it turned to industrial designer Yves Behar to develop its stylish looking public WattStation electric vehicle chargers, has returned to him again for chargers one would use in the home. The new residential version of the WattStation will definitely not make you feel like you are charging your electric car at a run of the mill, gas station style looking pump in your garage.

The residential version of the WattStation, according to GE, “on average decreases electric vehicle charging time from 12-18 hours to as little as four to eight hours compared to standard charging ‘level 1’, assuming a full-cycle charge for a 24 kWh battery.” The company has partnered with ServiceMagic to provide a network of certified electricians for installation of the residential WattStation in one’s home and the electric car charger, which will be available next year globally, will have available financing options for those who want to pay for it and installation costs over time.

GE WattStation

image via GE

“The residential WattStation’s easy functionality and design allows for uncomplicated integration of quick electric vehicle charging into your everyday activities,” said Michael Mahan, global product manager for GE WattStation. His statement was echoed by that of designer Behar, who said that “the residential GE WattStation design is friendly and so simple to adopt that it will literally change one’s life overnight: No more trips to the gas station, something that surely no one will miss.”

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