Focus Designs Builds A Better E-Unicycle

We’ve written up a few different electric unicycles in our time, but this new one from Focus Designs definitely has us thinking it might be time to try taking a spin on one of these babies. The all-electric, self-balancing SBU Version 2.0, as it is called, prices for around $1,500 and should definitely keep you and your neighbors entertained – at least until the battery runs out, that is.

The Focus Designs SBU V2.0, described by its developer as “a revolutionary gyro stabilized, accelerometer driven, battery powered, clean green vehicle,” is apparently an enhancement of an earlier version of this one-wheeled electric ride, sporting what the designer says is a “a sleeker look, a safer ride, and more power.” It has a 1000-watt hub motor and a higher capacity 5 amp-hour, 38.4V LifePO4 battery to propel one forward or backwards at up to 10 MPH. Being as riding a unicycle, even an electric one, is all about keeping your balance, the SBU V2.0 sports sensors to help with “a smoother balance response when turning, requiring less effort and increasing comfort,” and a lowering of the foot pegs from the previous version, which is said to “give novice riders increased stability and greater ease during the learning process.”

Focus SBU V2.0

image via Focus Designs

Learning time on this electric unicycle is said to be around 20 minutes. Other features of note include regenerative braking to extend the charge in the battery, a multi-color LED on the SBU’s battery box that indicates the battery’s charge state, fall detection which disables the SBU’s motor if a fall is detected, a range of around 12 miles and acceleration of 0 to 10 MPH in about a second.

The SBU V2.0 from Focus Designs should be available in early November.

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