Fisker Brings A Real Karma To Paris

It’s been awhile since we wrote anything about Fisker Automotive, makers of the highly desired but somewhat elusive Karma plug-in hybrid. The Karma is no longer elusive however, as Fisker just took the wraps off the first ever factory-built unit at the Paris Auto Show.

The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid is designed to go head to head with the likes of the Tesla Roadster in terms of price and features. The Karma, with its self-described “exotic car looks and sports car performance,” gets what is said to be an achievable annual average economy of 2.4L/100 km (100 mpg) and emissions of just 83g/km. It has its own unique plug-in hybrid electric powertrain technology that helps the vehicle get 300 kW of power and more than 1,300 Nm (981 lb-ft) of torque at zero rpm.

Fisker Karma

image via Fisker Automotive

Range of the vehicle is said to be around 480 km (300 mi). Eighty kilometers (50 mi) are electric-only when powered only by its 20 kWh Lithium ion battery, which can be recharged in as little as six hours. When the battery is depleted, or when the driver engages what is called Sport mode, the Karma’s 2.0L, turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine automatically turns a 175 kW generator that sends electricity to two 150 kW (201.5 hp/204 PS) electric traction motors mounted directly to the rear differential. Top speed of the Karma is 200 kmh (125 mph).

The production Karma, added its maker, has a four-seat cockpit with a large center console running from the dashboard to the rear seatback, which houses the rechargeable battery. This console incorporates gear selector buttons in place of the original shifter, as well as electric window controls, seat heater switches, storage and four cup holders. Also of note are the vehicle’s interior wood wings and accents, which are sourced from certified fallen, sunken and rescued wood to “create a luxurious sensory experience inspired by nature.”

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