EDF Seeks MBA Students For Climate Corps

Last month we brought you word about the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps and their goal of helping stamp out bad energy efficiency practices at major companies. In the last go around of this group alone, an amazing $350 million worth of overlooked efficiencies in lighting, computer equipment and heating and cooling at 47 companies were highlighted which, in environmental terms, means 400,000 metric tons in annual carbon emissions that can be corrected. Now this group is seeking new recruits for next summer.

The EDF Climate Corps recruits MBA students who are “inspired by sustainability, and provides the opportunity to use their  business skills to turn their inspiration into practice.” The EDF takes this group, trains them “in energy efficiency best practices, pairs them up with a Fortune 1000 company, and then sends them out into corporate America to uncover efficiencies that can save the environment and improve their host company’s bottom line.” Recruiters are currently making the rounds at MBA schools and related conferences around the country for those who might be interested.

image via Environmental Defense Fund

EDF said the application for summer 2011 will be available starting at the beginning of November, and that those interested can sign up to be notified when they can apply. One must apply by January 11, 2011 if interested. Some of the criteria looked for include a graduate level background in financial analysis, a self-starter with strong project management experience, familiarity with climate change and energy issues and, of course, environmental passion.

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