Easy Recycling Of Computer Memory?

For those who are comfortable swapping out computer parts after popping open the computer’s case, it is not always known what to do with the parts you’ve removed after the upgrade. E-waste recycling is always an option, but what can you recycle? If it comes to memory Kingston Technology, which makes computer memory products, has teamed with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) to let consumers mail back unwanted memory products for recycling at ERI’s e-waste recycling facility in California.

ERI said Kingston is the first memory manufacturer to launch such a recycling program. Consumers through this program can recycle computer memory in various formats, including memory modules, USB drives and cards such as SD and microSD. It is said by this recycler that its process “guarantees that all information stored on such devices will be completely destroyed and certificates of destruction can be supplied upon request.”

Kingston Memory

image via ERI

Instructions for returning the memory can be found online. It doesn’t look as if though mailers are provided in the new memory one might buy, as the program requires you instead put the old memory product inside a standard letter envelope to send off.

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    Nice tip

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    computer disposal

    It’s a shame you don’t get a reduction in purchase price of memory when trading in old but fully working memory.

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