Chevy Volt Charger Not A Cheap Offering

If you’ve already overcome sticker shock associated with the Chevy Volt, and are wondering how much, exactly, a residential charger will run you, there’s good news, sort of. GM apparently wants to make up for that coughing fit you had earlier this year by offering “one of the most affordable 240V home charging units on the market.”

The Chevrolet “Voltec” 240V home charging unit, built by SPX Service Solutions, will reduce charging time from 10 hours (via your standard wall jack) to just 4 hours–and it’s been priced at $490 before installation. The Voltec is one of several 240V home charging units that will be offered by SPX Service Solutions, a national provider of home charging installation services and equipment.

Voltec 240 V home charging unit

image via Chevrolet

Oh, but before you whip out that checkbook–the cost of installing this thing appears to be almost three times the cost of the charger itself. That’s right: installing the Voltec 240V charging unit is estimated at $1,475, “but can vary based upon electrical requirements.” (So, that means it could cost even more than this? In their recent release on the subject, GM’s not all that clear.)

If it’s any consolation, when you purchase the Voltec unit, SPX will manage all aspects of installation, including the home survey, installation, permitting, Department of Energy and utility coordination, and identification of available programs and incentives for reduced charging rates. Not sure that quite takes the bite off the price tag though.

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