Brammo Revs Up New Electric Motorcycle

It’s been awhile since we heard anything from Brammo, a developer of electric motorcycles. The electric vehicle company is back today though with a new green motorcycle the manufacturer says expands upon the success of previous models¬† – the Enertia Plus, pricing around $9,000 and available starting next year.

The sleek looking Enertia Plus is an all-electric street motorcycle that will be eligible for applicable federal and state electric vehicle tax incentives to help lower its cost. The vehicle sports an electric motor with peak motor power of 13kW @ 4500 rpm and a maximum torque of 40 N-m, 29.5 ft-lb @ 0 – 1450 rpm. It is powered by a 6.0 kWh Lithium Ion battery that takes up to eight hours to fully charge and lets the Enertia Plus go a maximum of 80 miles per day.

Brammo Enertia Plus

image via Brammo

Top speed of the Enertia Plus from Brammo is around 60 MPH. It is manufactured in the United States and uses recycled materials in many components. Weight is around 324 pounds, with a cargo capacity of 276 pounds. It will be available in four new colors and features a number of other enhancements, including “simplified charging, improved maneuverability, plus the option to add a center kickstand and rigid Givi side bags.”

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