Americans Scratch Heads Over Green Cars

Are Americans confused about the myriad of alternative fuel type vehicles coming to the market right now? Hybrid, electric and diesel vehicles are being developed in mass by auto manufacturers who believe there will be interest in them, but while there is a potential market, a Harris Interactive poll suggests that many would be buyers are having a hard time figuring out what to make of all these choices and, as a result, many are holding off on purchasing until the fog clears.

The Harris poll, produced for Mercedes-Benz, “found that nearly one in two adults (48%) would be interested in purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle but are not sure about what type to get (e.g., hybrid, electric, diesel) and only about one in three (35%) say they know which types of AFVs are best for various driving situations (e.g., city, suburban, highway).” And, perhaps even more telling in terms of the education that awaits consumers on green cars, it was found that “a vast majority of U.S. adults (71%) say they are not at all or only somewhat knowledgeable about the difference between various types of alternative fuel vehicles.”

Mercedes E-Cell

image via Mercedes-Benz

“The end game is zero-emissions driving that doesn’t simply transfer the problem.  And, while that is still in the future, each alternative fuel vehicle we introduce is a step in that direction, providing key findings and helping acclimate consumers to new technology,” said Sascha Simon, head of advanced product planning at Mercedes-Benz USA, in a statement.

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  • Reply October 11, 2010

    Bob Gordon

    The Auto Channel.Com Co-Publisher Comments: This research report comes as no surprise to us, because since 2006 we’ve told you that it is in Big Oil’s interest to continue to decimate the big lie that “there is no silver bullet, not just one solution to get America off of gasoline”. As we’ve preached over the past 4 years if there are “many solutions” there is no solution, which continues the status-quo through Big Oil’s strategy of Divide and Conquer

    So today we want to thank Mercedes-Benz USA and Harris Research for placing into the record indisputable evidence of the success of the Divide and Conquer effort, which continues to work for Big Oil and its masters and against the interests of the citizens of every country in the world (with the exception of…oh you know who).

    Big Oil NEEDS AMERICANS TO STAY CONFUSED AND DOCILE about alt fuels, so they can profit from their monopoly, and continue to force us to buy a TRILLION DOLLARS worth of their old fashioned gasoline every year (for how long?). Adding to the confusion are the oil company’s “green fuel” TV ads that exclaim “how hard they are working on many ALT fuels”, we see these commercials and print ads as a well thought out and executed element of Big Oil’s successful campaign of confusion.

    Unwittingly (or not) the U.S. government is an enabler of Big Oil’s status quo strategy, with daily rhetoric of increased MPG and the fairy-tale of a replacement of gasoline by electric vehicles. Over the past few years we have stated that “MPG is a code word for screw Americans, and “let them keep using gasoline”…because if we were all using domestic, sustainable and green, High-test Flex-fuel (e-85),CNG, Propane, Biodiesel or even a Flux Capacitor, MPG would become what it should be, just a personal economic choice, not a national security issue. What is actually important is not a vehicle’s MPG but which fuel a car or truck uses.

    So we scream isn’t it time for patriotic Americans to get pissed off, and demand that their government, as a first giant step, clear up the alt fuel confusion and get us out from under the ticking diplomatic and military time-bombs, by mandating the immediate drop-in replacement for OPEC dominated, monopolistic and criminal gasoline, by patriotic, sustainable and green High-Test Fuel; Gasohol(E85), this would buy us the luxury of time and provide the capital resources to research an eventual replacement (or not) of Gasohol with a yet unproven or undiscovered future fuel. What Do You Think?

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