Voltaic Updates Popular Solar Backpacks

Solar bag company Voltaic, which just a few weeks ago unveiled some new solar powered products, announced recently as well a revamping of its solar backpack models. The old Backpack and Converter bags are now the new Offgrid and Converter bags, pricing around $250 and $200, respectively.

Both bags, according to Voltaic, have been redesigned in part based upon user feedback. They each feature four watts of solar power and 3,000 mAh of battery storage capacity, as well as allowing one to switch the solar output between 6 and 12 volts for charging things like DSLR camera batteries.

Voltaic Offgrid

image via Voltaic

In terms of specific features, the Offgrid is said by Voltaic to have a removable solar pocket which can also be attached to other bags. It also sports a dedicated laptop sleeve, wider channels for wires and the addition of a water bottle holder. The Converter also has a dedicated laptop sleeve which is well padded, though the bag is not quite as robust as the Offgrid owing to its design for commuting and short trips.

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    how about a solar powered micro bike ??

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