Seattle Start Up Seeks Clean River Power

ET: It has been mentioned that the Hydrovolts Flipwing can be used in conjunction with wastewater treatment plants. Have municipalities been receptive to this idea?

Chilla Canal, India

image via Hydrovolts

BH: We have done an informal polling across the U.S. of wastewater treatment plants and found that about one-third have good locations in their plants for Flipwing turbines. There are about 26,000 publicly owned treatment plants in the country, meaning there’s a potential market of about 8,000 sites.

Additionally, there are numerous drinking water treatment plants and other facilities that discharge a lot of water for cooling or industrial processing, which could all potentially integrate Hydrovolts technology into their systems. Essentially, if a canal is at least 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep and flows at fast walking speed, the Flipwing turbine can generate renewable energy.

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