Saab Says Ja To Electric Vehicles

Saab is another auto manufacturer finally entering the realm of all electric vehicles with its planned introduction at the Paris Auto Show of the 9-3 ePower prototype. This 9-3 SportCombi with all-electric propulsion reportedly will have a maximum range of around 125 miles in between charges.

The 9-3 ePower, said Saab, will be the first all-electric car to offer its occupants “the comfort and size of a wagon bodystyle.” Under the hood is a 135 kW/184 hp electric motor which should be capable of 0 to 60 MPH in under 8.5 seconds, along with a maximum top speed of under 95 MPH. It will be powered by a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Inside the cabin will be an automatic-style gearshift lever, along with battery status, power consumption and driving range information provided in the main instrument cluster.

Saab 9.3

image via Saab

Saab says that the key to what it feels is the longer range of its electric vehicle is the notion that the battery cells in the 9.3 ePower have an energy storage density greater than that used in current electric cars. The battery pack is intended to have support for recharge cycles up to ten years average use, and can be fully recharged in between three and six hours. The vehicle will undergo limited driver trials in Sweden, and is seen as the first step by Saab in developing a potential electric vehicle for actual production and sales.

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  • Reply September 21, 2010


    While major carmakers in the U.S. are playing a wait & see game, the American breakthrough technology found a home at a Swedish player.
    Some say moving on to EVs is gambling, but I’d rather say status-quo would be just Sinking without swimming.
    With cash for clunkers out, major car builders are back in recession sales.

    Based on current trends, a network of charging units are going to move EVs closer to wide acceptance.

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