Portland Innovates In Eco Home Retrofits

Green retrofit programs in the United States are geared towards helping home owners make eco-friendly upgrades to their houses in a way which is hopefully affordable for those involved. A variety of these types of programs exist already, with one of the most successful currently being the Clean Energy Works initiative underway in Portland, Oregon.

Clean Energy Works is a pilot program currently being expanded throughout Oregon which is designed to help homeowners finance and install energy efficiency upgrades. In a nutshell it gives homeowners the ability to pay for items like new home insulation or a high efficiency water heater through a low cost financing offering in the form of a 20-year loan with no up front payment. It is instead paid for in small installments via one’s monthly utility bill. To find out more about this innovative program, we turned to Marlowe Kulley of the Clean Energy Works Portland program for some answers.

Clean Energy Works

image via city of Portland

EarthTechling (ET): What exactly is the Clean Energy Works program? How is it being funded?

Marlowe Kulley: Clean Energy Works Portland is a pilot program to perform 500 home energy-efficiency retrofits in Portland. We offer homeowners an easy and convenient way to upgrade their home with no upfront costs.

The Clean Energy Works Portland pilot program was funded with an initial investment of $1.1 million of stimulus funding from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program. In April 2010 received $20 million of competitive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to expand the Portland to targeted rural communities throughout Oregon. This expansion is referred to as Clean Energy Works Oregon.

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