Newport Beach Home Goes LEED Platinum

The latest effort by architect Kieran Timberlake of LivingHomes has recently gained the US Green Building Council’s highest level of green building certification, LEED Platinum. The home is located in Newport Beach, California, and is the first in the area to receive this level of certification.

The home was built on the KT1.5 model, which focuses on “expansive living spaces with a thin building envelope” and can be customized for two to four bedrooms. The basic KT1.5 is pre-rated with a LEED score of 50.5 Sustainability Points out of a possible 108, however, so it’s clear that a lot was done to improve those ratings in the family home that recently received the Platinum rating in Newport Beach. The US Green Building Council’s certification program awards points based on the degree to which buildings utilize solutions that make them more energy, water, and resource efficient while reducing indoor air pollution.

LivingHome Newport Beach

image via LivingHomes

The first LivingHome, located in Santa Monica, was the first ever to be certified LEED Platinum, and the company believes that they currently have ten other homes in production that should achieve a similar rating. The LivingHomes model focuses on healthy building materials, efficient systems and a modular fabrication process designed to save resources.

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