Chip Maker Calls For Greener Gizmos

Smart phones, e-book readers, MP3 players and handheld games–not to mention laptops, desk tops, TVs and sound systems. According to a company called Marvell–which specializes in “integrated silicon solutions,” all of these devices are ballooning the carbon footprint of the world, and will do so even more in the future, if we don’t take steps towards energy efficiency now. The California-based company recently launched the  “Smart-Electronics Initiative,” a cross-industry collaborative campaign aimed at increasing awareness for the growing amount of energy consumed by everyday consumer electronics.

In founding the Smart-Electronics Initiative, Marvell plans to work with other consumer electronics leaders, policy-makers and stakeholders to spearhead studies, research and development efforts that will breed more efficient consumer technology. One of the organization’s first efforts was helping to develop HR 5070, known as the “Smart Electronics Act.” The bill was introduced by Representative Mike Honda, U.S. Congressman of San Jose, in April, and aims to fund research on power consumption of consumer electronics and identify technologies already on the market that reduce consumer energy demand.

Marvell Smart Electronics Initiative

image via Marvell

This Initiative is not tangential to Marvell’s basic interests as a company, in that it has been long-time champion of low-power technologies. Marvell is proponent of PFC technology, which is a 30-year old innovation designed to reduce more than 50 percent of the energy that is wasted in the transmission of electricity. Estimates show the volume of consumer electronic products consumed throughout the world will more than double in the next few years; the Smart Electronics Initiative is aimed at reducing the associated carbon footprint of these products through the use of PFC technology and more energy efficient electronics.

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