Chili’s Lights Up Restaurants With LEDs

LED lamp technology certainly can go a long way in making a building more energy efficient. Brinker International, parent company of Chili’s Restaurants and Maggiano’s Restaurants, has taken this to heart by doing a massive roll out of LED lighting to its 827 corporate restaurants.

The restaurant chain company worked with Eco-story, a LED light provider, on the project, which involves 125,000 LED lamps in the interior and exterior of each of the restaurants. It is believed to be the largest U.S. roll-out of LED lamp technology to date. An initial test of the LED lighting in 10 of Brinker’s locations estimated an annual savings would be approximately $87.00 per store, per week, totaling more than $3.7 million per year in savings for the company. The company also happens to feel the lighting improves “the look and ambiance of the Chili’s restaurants versus traditional lighting.”


image via Chili's

“This was a huge project with the most important goal of saving money while maintaining or improving light quality over traditional incandescent lamps,” added Bill Stauffer, co-founder of Eco-story, in a statement. “The Chili’s stores look fantastic and the savings and ROI that Brinker will realize is simply amazing.”

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  • Reply October 1, 2010

    Julia Frances

    It is wonderful to hear that 827 Chili’s restaurants have made the switch over to LEDs. Not only are they saving over $3 million a year, but they are also helping to save the environment. More businesses and homeowners should follow suit! I work with Sharp and feel that they offer high quality products. This is especially true for their LEDs.

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