California TV Energy Efficiency Kicks In

A new energy efficiency law for televisions bought and sold in the Golden State has finally gone into effect. It regulates that, starting in 2011, new televisions sold in California should consume 33 percent less electricity compared to models on the market right now. This jumps to 49 percent less electricity by 2013. It had to travel a long regulatory approval route after first being approved by the state’s energy commission last year.

Energy Commission Chairman Karen Douglas said, in a statement, “today is a bright day in California. The Office of Administrative Law has approved the Energy Commission’s energy efficiency television regulations. The ultimate winners are the California consumers who will save money and conserve energy by purchasing new TVs.” She went on to note as well that “today’s approval signals a continuation of the Energy Commission’s strong, historic role for providing smart energy policy for the State of California.”

image via Energy Star

The Energy Commission’s new regulation mandating improved energy efficiencies in television sets was officially approved by California’s Office of Administrative Law on September 1st, 2010. These first-in-the-nation standards were approved unanimously by the Energy Commission in November of 2009 and will now go into law, effective January 2011. When fully implemented, these regulations are expected to save Californians $8.1 billion in energy costs, as well as enough energy to power 864,000 homes.

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