USB Solar Charger Doubles As Light

It’s small, lightweight, easy to use, and if you find yourself with an unexpected need for light as well as power, this is the solar charger you want. The USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub with Torch from Brando Workshop (which comes to us by way of Gearlog) functions as both an off grid charger and flashlight.

Need back-up power for your portables on the go? Simply attach your gizmo of choice to the USB Hub via (yes) USB, or using one of seven mobile phone connectors that will work with most major brands. This device can also be used as a light, so it’s a great charger to keep in the car. The rays of the sun will charge up the internal battery of the USB Hub during the day, making sure you always have some extra juice whenever your phone or iPod should run low, and the flashlight function will come in handy if you need to take a look under the hood after dark. (Of course, the charger can also function simply as a back-up battery for your portables if you want to plug it in overnight.)


image via Gearlog

The USB Hub comes with a LED indicator that displays the battery’s charging status and output status, so you’ll never have to wonder about how much charge you’ve got left. Once its internal battery is fully supplied, you can flip the Off switch to avoid accidentally draining the battery while this charger shifts around in your bag (or the backseat). It weighs in at just over an ounce and is only slightly larger than a USB pen drive. It will run you $22 from USB Brando.

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