Samsung Showcases New Green Hard Drive

Computers are generally only as green as the parts in them. Samsung knows this and has unveiled a hard drive it says is currently the world’s highest-density, environmentally friendly model for the desktop market. It is known as the EcoGreen F4 (F4EG), and it will price for around $120 when it becomes available in September.

Samsung said the EcoGreen F4 will feature a maximum 2 TB density, which should be enough to store up to 880 hours of DVD video or 500,000 songs in MP3 format. The drive lacks halogen compound and brominated flame retardant, being composed instead of more eco-friendly materials. It is said as well to have 23 percent lower power consumption in standby mode compared to a previous eco hard drive model.

Samsung Eco Hard Drive

image via Samsung

The drive is said to be 9 percent better in standby time performance. It also reportedly is quiet to operate and incorporates a 3.0Gbps SATA interface, Native Command Queuing and a 32MB buffer memory. A slightly smaller 1.5 TB model will also be made available around the same time this one is.

“Storage-hungry multimedia professionals, gamers and home PC users continue to increase the amount of video, music, photo and other personal data they store and back-up,” said I.C. Park, vice president, Storage Sales, Semiconductor Business, Samsung Electronics, in a statement. “The F4EG delivers all the benefits of a low-power drive yet features top performance quality and is environmentally friendly.”

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