Rotating Solar Home Super Grid Positive

We’ve covered a few grid positive buildings in the past few months, but this one is really a stand-out. Not only does the Heliotrope combine modern architecture with innovative solar strategies, it generates five times the amount of energy it produces.

According to Inhabitat, this rotating solar home is the the brainchild of architect Ralph Disch and was the inspiration not only behind the Sonnenschiff Solar Development in Freiberg, but the entire modern solar movement in Germany. This home has one hundred percent ideal solar orientation, as it actually rotates in order to take full advantage of the sun’s rays at different times of the day. Triple-paned windows let the sunshine in and hold on to the heat, while a large roof-mounted solar array and solar thermal pipes generate electricity and hot water, respectively.


image via Inhabitat

The entire home is mounted on a pole and timed to rotate 180 degrees through the day, following the path of the sun. The 6.6 kWH worth of solar panels on top produce more than enough juice to keep this grid positive wonder in the black, energetically speaking, and a unique hand railing system on the roof is actually that solar thermal tubing system previously mentioned, in disguise.

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    This is very cool but wondering why the whole house has to rotate? Why not just the solar panels?

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