Mega Green Oregon Building Gets Funding

The progressive Portland, Oregon city council has been on a green tech high of late, passing initiatives for an electric car infrastructure and encouragement of its citizens to buy into local renewable energy programs. It has now taken an even more ambitious step, endorsing today a very grand scale green building which, if built, could very well be one of the world’s most eco-friendly commercial skyscrapers.

The so-called Oregon Sustainability Center (OSC) will have $450,000 of Portland’s money put towards it as part of a design study for the building’s development (another $450,000 is coming from Oregon’s university system). The city council voted unanimously to support this use of funds as well as pledging to make use of some of the OSC’s office space, being encouraged by visits from Congressman David Wu (D-OR), alongside representatives from the offices of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR). The design itself will be drawn up starting next month by a team led by Sera Architects, Gerding Edlen Development and GBD Architects. Another $300,000 is being put towards it as well via an appropriation in the Senate Energy and Water bill.


image via Oregon Sustainability Center

The building itself will be a grand masterpiece in green building design if completed. scaled towards triple net-zero performance in energy and water use and carbon emissions. It is said as well that the OSC will be “a technological model and a hub for sustainable practices, policy, education, research and entrepreneurship,” bringing together “academic, government, nonprofit and business sectors to advance the region’s innovation in sustainability.” Through this synergy, it is believed, strong connections will be able to be made “between the research agenda and the businesses that can turn research into marketable products and services.”

“The Oregon Sustainability Center is a pioneering project. We’re doing something here that’s never been done before at this scale,” said Portland Mayor Sam Adams in a statement. “We’re seizing an opportunity to show the world that Portland’s engineers, architects, developers, contractors and building professionals are at the forefront of green-building innovation. By becoming a tenant and investor, the City of Portland again demonstrates we can be the leading city in clean technology innovation.”

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