Kinetic Shoe Charger Powers Cell Phones

Finally, a kinetic cellphone charger you don’t have to crank or wind! This nanogenerator concept charger by Argentine designer¬†Soledad Martin (which comes to us via The Design Blog) makes use of a movement more common to everyday activities, such as walking, biking or exercising.

Playing some b-ball? Just attach this handy little gizmo to your shoe, where it will charge up based on the kinetic energy of your movements. (Same thing goes for hiking, jogging, or even skateboarding.) A tiny nanogenerator is responsible for this feat, powered by (what else?) your feet. The charger design is hardly noticeable, and attaches firmly to your shoe. When it’s time to juice up your mobile, it easily detaches from your footwear and attaches to your phone via USB.


image via The Design Blog

So even if you fail to score big in your neighborhood pick-up game (or wind up sore and aching from running or working out) you’ll at least have the consolation of knowing you’ve provided a lot of juice for your mobile phone, right? As an added bonus, the charger comes with interchangeable straps with snap buttons so you can choose what color to wear.

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