Humanair Makes Home A Clean Air Zone

It looks like a high-end speaker and sounds like a dubiously named new fragrance. The Humanair, however, is neither. It’s a high-tech, high-efficiency and stylishly designed new air purifier from Humanscale.

The Humanair (which comes to us via Good Clean Tech) features patented “Swedish Clean Air Zone” technology, and claims to do “what no other air purifier can do: surround the user in a bubble of air that’s free of pollutants, dust and biological contaminants,” with no noise, no breeze, and no ozone being produced.  Apparently, this air purifier does the traditional Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) method one better by removing reportedly more than 99% of contaminants (that’s pretty much all of them) from indoor air while consuming just 22 watts of power.


image via Good Clearn Tech

The Humanair, when it hits the market in November, is slated to be the world’s most energy efficient air purifier. It makes use of a reusable and recyclable paper filter, and an LED light that lets you know when the filter needs a change. All that eco indoor air quality doesn’t come cheap, though, as this gadget will run you $299.00.

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