Denmark Gets Major New Wind Test Center

You’d think with all that laser wind technology and innovative energy storage, Denmark would be content to rest on its laurels when it comes to wind technology superiority. Not so proclaims a recent news release from Risø ODT, the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, as a new test center for wind turbines at Østerild in north-western Jutland will ensure Denmark’s leading position with wind energy.

The site for this test center was clearly not chosen at random. It will be placed in an area with a higher degree of ‘roughness’ than previous sites, which, in addition to being able to site two turbines in a stretch of woodland, translates into unique possibilities for testing wind turbines under greatly varying conditions.


image via Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

Nor does this national test center represent a minor investment of kroner. The site itself is more than 4-kilometers long and will soon be home to seven mega wind turbines up to 250 meters (820 feet) in height for testing purposes. Moreover, 150-meter (492 feet) measuring masts will be constructed to perform measurements on these massive wind turbines, as well as two light masts which are for meteorological measurements. The Danish Laboratory for Sustainable Energy would like you to know that these measuring masts are big, really big: almost as big, in fact,  as the pylons on the Great Belt Link. Each of these mega wind turbines will cost in the region of several hundred million Danish kroner ($32,518,736.93).

“This initiative is vitally crucial to preserving Denmark’s leading position within wind energy R&D and thereby safeguarding the Danish wind turbine industry’s dominant role in the global wind turbine market,” says Peter Hjuler Jensen, Head of Risø’s Wind Energy Division, in a statement. The wind energy test center has also been highlighted as having a mission to “safeguard lots of Danish jobs within the wind energy sector, both at the wind turbine manufacturers and at the numerous subsuppliers to the wind energy sector.”

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