Concept Health Monitor Powered By Body

Now here’s an idea: a wearable health monitoring system that only works when you do. That’s right, no batteries. Just strap it on and start moving; the HealthPals wearable health monitoring concept system from designer Olga Epikhina of Germany harvests both your body heat and vibrations.

Greendiary reports that this system is ‘parasitic,’ though we think what they mean is ‘symbiotic.’ After all, HealthPals doesn’t just suck up juice like an unwelcome house guest, it provides much-needed information for our continued health and survival, such as real-time data on body temperature, blood pressure, brainwave and heartbeats. Each piece of the set comes complete with a piezoelectric vibration energy harvester, a thermoelectric generator and a capacitor for energy storage.


image via Greendiary

This system was conceived of as a benefit for patients with chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, sleep disorders, hypertension, and epilepsy, as well as stroke survivors. It consists of a bracelet and a ring equipped with SPO2 sensor; temperature and a blood pressure sensor; a collar equipped with ECG sensors for heart monitoring; a breathing sensor, headphones equipped with EEG sensors for brainwave monitoring; and another ECG sensor for more precise ECG data collection.

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    Wellescent Health Blog

    If the energy harvesting capability can be implemented using less weight than required for batteries, it would be ideal to ensure constant availability of data. As well, for those with dementia or other mentally impacting disabilities, lack of need for a battery change is an important factor in good design.

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