Americans Opening Up To Electric Cars

Electric vehicle adoption in the United States looks to have future good potential, if new data from a recent survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) holds to be accurate. The results of this survey found that 40 percent of Americans would be likely to at least test drive an electric car, being enticed by improved environmental quality and potential cost savings but concerned about battery life and convenience of battery charging.

The CEA, which plans to show electric cars for the first time next year at its annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, found in its online survey that 42 percent of consumers are likely to follow news reports about electric vehicles. This is in the face, however, of data from the same study which shows that overall awareness of the various types of alternative vehicles remains low, with nearly one-third (32 percent) reporting they are familiar, or very familiar, with hybrid vehicles, compared to only about one-quarter being familiar with electric-powered vehicles (25 percent).

Volt Production Increase

image via GM

Of the positives of electric vehicles, the survey found, more than three-quarters of those surveyed (78 percent) said the vehicle’s ability to run without gasoline is the greatest advantage, followed by less pollution (67 percent), and the lack of need for oil changes and tune-ups (60 percent). This is tempered though by concerns about running out of battery power on the road (71 percent), lack of charging stations and/or not being able to recharge (66 percent) and limited mileage (59 percent).

“For a new product category, interest in electric vehicles is strong and likely to grow as more vehicles enter the market and consumers become more aware of them,” said Chris Ely, CEA’s manager of industry analysis, in a statement. “Manufacturers, dealers and other sellers will need to emphasize mileage and battery-related specifications when promoting and selling electric vehicles.”

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