Whirlpool Washer, Dryer Quite Energy Efficient

You know that old washer and dryer pair you bought back in the 1980s? Chances are they aren’t too energy efficient. Companies like Whirlpool are trying to encourage you to modernize this important part of your household, recently unveiling the Cabrio high-efficiency top load laundry pair.

Whirlpool claims this Energy Star qualified pair reportedly can save consumers more than $2,100 in lifetime water and energy costs. They use 74 percent less water and 76 percent less energy per load and save upwards of 11,600 gallons of water each year. Also of note in terms of green features are an Eco Monitor in the washer and dryer that “shows the eco-friendliness of each cycle or option” and an EcoBoost cycle option that is said to achieve good cleaning performance while lowering overall energy and water use.

Whirlpool Cabrio

image via Whirlpool

Other features of the Whirlpool Cabrio washer (WTW5500X/5600X/WTW5700X) and dryer (WG/ED5500X/5600X/WE/GD5700X), which have a MSRP starting at $599 for the washer and $599 for the dryer, include being 35 percent more gentle on clothes, an impeller and wash basket in the washer that is said to offer better cleaning performance for virtually all fabric types and load sizes and a drying system that automatically stops the cycle when the load is dry.

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