Tesla Tweaks Roadster Features For 2.5 Electric Car Version

Tesla Motors, riding high on the strong opening of its IPO, announced this week some mostly cosmetic changes to its electric Roadster. The Silicon Valley auto maker is calling this updated look Roadster 2.5.

The Roadster 2.5 still gets 245 miles per charge and goes 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, while costing a hefty starting tag of $101,500. Beyond that, Tesla said it has made “improvements in both design and technology, including a new front fascia, rear diffuser, improved seat comfort and internal finishes, sound dampening and a large touchscreen navigation system.”

Tesla Roadster 2.5

image via Tesla Motors

Specific changes to the Roadster include a new design, directional forged wheels in both silver and black, improved seating that includes lumbar support, power control hardware that “enables spirited driving in exceptionally hot climates,” an optional 7-inch touchscreen display with back up camera and improved interior sound reduction to make the cabin quieter. While most of this might seem like fluff, it is also the type of enhancements you might expect from any auto manufacturer doing slight tweaks to cars from year to year.

“Although development of the Model S is our main focus, this shows that we still care a great deal about improving the Tesla Roadster,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “These improvements are a direct result of customer feedback and come only a year after release of Roadster 2.0, showing an exceptionally rapid pace of innovation. Where feasible, we will also offer existing customers the ability to purchase the upgrades now available in version 2.5.”

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