Strange Looking Audio Strap Concept Solar Powered

If you’re enough of a sports enthusiast that you feel your “situational awareness” would be compromised by earbuds–but you’d rather be jamming out to tunes while sweating your way to better health–consider the Uplink Solar-Powered Wearable Speaker Strap.

Resembling some type of superhero gear, this interesting concept design by industrial designer Adam Hammerman (which comes to us by way of Ecofriend) is equipped with four ultrasound speakers that resonate the air within the user’s ears to create sound that only the wearer can hear. Connect it to your cellphone and your can use the Uplink to listen to music, take calls, hear podcasts or even check in with voice-guided GPS directions. All of this functionality is powered exclusively by the sun, as the device features flexible solar panels.


image via Ecofriend

The Uplink design resembles a kind of shoulder harness, and can apparently be attached to a hydration pack or backpack; that “ultrasound” speaker system is also believed to be safer for the user than traditional ear-phones, as they still allow sounds from the surrounding environment to penetrate the sound of music, phone calls, etc. This is a design that shows some real imagination, and we like the tag, too: “Wearable multimedia immersion for active pursuits.”

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