Strange Eco Ball Concept Plays Music

It’s a ball, on a strap, worn like a purse while hiking. But you can’t bounce the Eco Ball–this odd little concept device is in fact a portable high-quality sound system, charged by the sun.

The brainchild of Portuguese designer Pedro Gomes (which comes to us via Tuvie) the two halves of the Eco Ball apparently snap or screw together for ease of carrying. But don’t look for those power-providing photovoltaic panels anywhere on the Eco Ball itself (which vaguely resembles the rubber variety used in childhood games of kick-ball). They’re actually integrated into the carrying strap itself, so let’s hope you’re hiking long enough in the sun for this gizmo to power up.

Eco Ball

image via Tuvie

When it’s time to enjoy some tunes, simply separate the two haves of the Eco Ball and connect to your MP3 player of choice. The design of the two speakers makes for high-quality surround-sound for even the most discerning music lover–a fact that’s sure to impress your hiking buddies. Let’s just hope you’ve got a solar charger for your MP3 player, lest the festivities in the great outdoors get cut short.

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