Solar Boat Concept More Of A Yacht

Can a power boat be environmentally friendly?  That’s the idea behind this concept solar-powered boat dubbed Marvin the Martian from Malvi Architects.   The architects envision this as a suitable compromise between skill-intensive sailboats and the limited skills needed to drive a gas-fueled power boat.

The design is far more complex than simply slapping solar panels on the roof and calling it a day.  In addition to the solar panels, the boat has two hulls which are supposed to reduce the boat’s resistance to water and therefore use less energy.    The hull is also made of lighter weight, but still strong materials (like Kevlar).  Similar to a hybrid car, the engine is both diesel and electric.  Boat operators could opt for the electric only mode, hybrid mode, or diesel only mode.  Putting the boat in electric only mode means sacrificing some speed since the designers project the boat will top out at 5 km (9 km in diesel only mode).  There’s no air conditioning on board, but you probably wouldn’t need it anyway since you’ll be cruising, right?

via Malvi Architects

The sleek boat is projected to hold up to 8 guests comfortably and includes a kitchen, dinette, and living room.  Hmmm, maybe we should have called this a small yacht instead of merely a boat?  In the meantime, you’ll have to stick to sailboats and powerboats since this beauty is only a glimmer in the the designer’s eyes.

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