Solar Bamboo Studio Embodies Sustainable Design

Imagination meets reality with Lamboo’s Bamboo Studio Project in Springfield, Illinois (which comes to us via Inhabitat).  This sustainable home has a 300 foot deck and about 300 square feet of living space with cork flooring and a composting toilet (of course). We looked through all of the neat photos and it’s hard to tell where you’d sleep. Perhaps the couch? But, it seems like there’s plenty of space for storage, working and eating.

The most interesting feature of the Bamboo Studio project is the thoughtfully designed aluminum roof.   It’s a shaped like an “S” to maximize the amount of sun the home soaks up in the winter and minimize the heat during warm summer months.    Basically, the windows and doors are positioned so that winter sun can penetrate into the main living space and summer sun stays on the deck.   The roof has photovoltaic (solar) panels which power the home.

via Lamboo

image via Inhabitat

Lamboo makes all things bamboo for green homes and this project shows off some of what they’re capable of.  Most people won’t buy this studio – but could easily incorporate some of the ideas into their current home like the doors, windows, or cabinets. So if you’re happily settled in your own home sweet home, take a gander at this little bamboo project that could for a few ideas on what’s possible in any aspiring green home. You might even find yourself wanting one as a studio in your backyard.

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