Smart Thermostat Monitors Solar Output

Enphase Energy, a developer of solar energy management systems for residential and commercial uses, has unveiled a new smart thermostat that integrates with the company’s solar technology. The advantage of this new Environ smart thermostat, according to the company, is that it allows homeowners the ability to manage their solar system while also controlling heating and cooling at the same time.

The Environ device, said to be the world’s first solar integrated smart energy device [PDF], allows owners to control the indoor climate through a Web browser or smart phone, as well as directly with the wall-mounted thermostat. As for what it specifically does with your Enphase supported solar system, according to Fast Company, is allow you to track solar panel electricity output so you can keep an eye on panel performance.

Enphase Environ

image via Enphase Energy

“This product introduction is a significant step toward a unified platform for businesses and homeowners to generate, monitor and control their own energy,” said Paul Nahi, chief executive officer, Enphase Energy, in a statement. “Converging these elements into a single platform has the potential to both unite and expand the markets for solar, energy efficiency and smart homes, broadly accelerating the shift to a clean energy economy.”

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