Seven Person Electric Minivan Debuts In Taiwan

Taiwan based automobile manufacturer Luxgen earlier this year unveiled an electric version of its MPV minivan. The company has now launched the Luxgen7 MPV EV+ overseas, making it the first seven passenger electric vehicle to market. Given the obscurity of this company in the United States, though, we don’t expect you’ll find it for sale here.

The Luxgen EV+’s 180kW motor gives it 240hp of horsepower and 265 Nm of torque, which gets it from 0-60 in 8.6 seconds. It has a range of 217 miles or more and attains a top speed is as high as 90 miles per hour. It has an energy conversion rate of up to 80 percent, which the company says is 1.7 times higher than a hybrid and diesel vehicle, and 2 times higher than a gasoline-powered vehicle.


image via Luxgen

Electric vehicle technologies built into the MPV EV+ include a power management and transformation center, PEU (power electronic unit), which integrates the induction motor, charger, battery management system, and the ability to convert kinetic energy into electricity via regenerative braking system. It is even said this electric minivan, due to the efficiency of its lithium-ion battery pack, could “discharge excess electricity back into the power grid to balance electricity utilization during peak and off-peak times.” That is a bold claim indeed.

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