Renault DeZir Electric Sports Car Preview

Concept green cars we often write about may have great eco features, but they also lack a certain sexiness. We aren’t saying all green cars need to be sleek to drive, but a little flair now and again doesn’t hurt. That is why we are wiping drool off the keyboard after recently finding out that French automaker Renault, ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show, has put out lots of details about its DeZir electric concept sports car. Talk about hot!

The Renault DeZir is powered by an electric motor that is mounted in a mid-rear position to optimize weight distribution. It works alongside the vertically-mounted 24 kW/h lithium-ion battery to produce a maximum range of around 100 miles, go 0 to 60 in under five seconds and zip along at a top speed of around 110 MPH. The body of the vehicle is made from Kevlar, while the tublar streel frame and suspension are somewhat similar to that employed in the Megane Trophy race car.

Renault DeZir

image via Renault

In terms of design, the gull-winged Renault DeZir leaves its mark as one of the more sleek electric cars, concept or no, to date. It is a two-seater coupe with prominent wheel arches that host 21-inch wheels. It has a linear styling on the front air intake, which has the double duty of channeling air in to cool the battery. The designers feel the bright red color of the Dezir, meanwhile, “interacts with the graphical forms of the cross-drilledaluminium side panels which equally exude a sense of light weight and technology.”

On the interior, the feel of the DeZir is designed to provide “cocoon-like comfort.” White leathers, the cockpit-style driver’s environment and the steering column shrouded in a red housing that extends up to the steering wheel hub itself are just a couple of the very involved details of this vehicle.

On the technology side, the DeZir does not disappoint. It has a fast charge battery option for 80 percent capacity in about 20 minutes. It collects kinetic energy during deceleration that is stored in the battery to be used later as a temporary power boost at the touch of a button. A driver interface on the dashboard visually mirrors the sensations felt at the wheel by means of a graphic data display. And, finally, the central touchscreen display hosts a smart navigation system that helps optimize task management and journeys, working alongside software in the dashboard that provides a real time indication of energy management via video-game style graphics.

Need more details? Check out Renault’s announcement of the concept car and also detailed specs [PDF]. You can also see a few more photos on the next page.

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