Regional Green Tech Report 7-22-2010

Wind farms and wind power seem to be on the minds and agendas of people in the United States and beyond in the last few days since we did our first ever Regional Green Tech Report. Wind projects were approved in places like Woodford County, IL, while the benefits of offshore wind farms were considered in Rhode Island, near Lake Erie and in the waters near Germany and Denmark. Wind energy was even seen as being on the rise in Anchorage, Alaska, though not so much in Henderson, Nevada, where a man’s desire to install a 45 foot wind turbine in his backyard hit a NIMBY wall and was denied on appeal by the local city council.

Also in the news of late has been chatter about geothermal and solar energy. In Massachusetts hundreds of local residents have been able to have installed solar panels on their homes for free, while a school in Hawaii is getting a $26 million upgrade complete with solar power. In New Jersey, the Land Conservancy of New Jersey is now using geothermal energy at their headquarters and, in a downside to this type of energy, rural Nevada counties are upset with the federal government because they have “commandeered counties’ share of revenue generated from geothermal energy rent and royalties,” which is said to have diverted “millions of dollars destined for rural county coffers across the West.”


image via DynGlobal

On the electric car front, one entrepreneur in Philadelphia is unfortunately calling it quits with trying to assemble cheap electric vehicles in or near this city, telling a local writer that “let China control the affordable electric-vehicle market. I’m going back to selling steel.” An Oregon man, meanwhile, has met with much more positive success with his EV experience, owning a custom job that is said to go 0 to 60 MPH in under three seconds.

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