PowerUSB Power Strip Controlled Via Computer

Power strips – those common plastic panels you plug lots of your electronics in – typically don’t do well for managing power consumption. An upcoming power strip called PowerUSB, however, is targeting this issue via the innovative idea of controlling the built-in outlets via USB connectivity.

The PowerUSB has four power outlets, of which two are always on and two can be controlled. One connects the PowerUSB to a computer’s USB port, while also plugging the power strip into a wall socket. Included software controls the two outlets, with one being connected to a printer and another aux output powering a scanner or speaker or any other device or lights.  The printer outlet can be configured to switch on the printer automatically when a printout is given from any application in the computer.


image via PowerUSB

The PowerUSB, according to Everything USB, also has default states that “can also be managed to have devices power up or down along with your computer.” Users can also switch on these devices through global hot keys such as Ctrl-Shift-P. This vampire power fighting device will be available in August.

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