Piaggio Debuts New 3 Wheeled Hybrid Scooter

The Italian scooter giant Piaggio has sold a  whole lot of their popular MP3 three-wheeled scooters. But the hybrid version of the same ride? Not so much. (According to Autoblog Green, not a one.) The company is hoping to change that with the addition of its new, higher-powered hybrid scooter, the MP3 Hybrid 300ie.

This hybrid electric/gas scooter makes use of a larger 278cc single cylinder powerplant, which will allow it to get 141 miles per gallon (matching the smaller 125cc hybrid) while cutting carbon emissions in half.  But Piaggio is quick to reassure us that the new MP3 Hybrid 300ie is more muscular than you might imagine, offering pickup and acceleration comparable to a 400cc gas-powered scooter (the electric motor can provide a 30-percent power boost when max power is needed). This scooter can cover up to 12 miles using electricity only, which is also the source of power for the reverse gear.


image via Autoblog Green

How much will this smart little scooter run you? At this point, it’s only available in Europe, but if you can get together the 7,999 Euros ($10,139.32 USD), fly over and ship it home, it can be yours, no special license required.  Here’s hoping Piaggio will make the MP3 Hybrid 300ie available here in the US sometime soon.

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